Red Zone             x6435, x6434    
Blue zone            x6456, x6458
Asthma               x6451           
ECC Overhead         x6568
Triage               x6200           
Equipment            x6529
CMU                  x6448
Pace                 x2046
Registration         x6629
Fax-ER               x7603 (RZ)
HS (peds)            404-785-9500
CLH                  404-686-2435
EUH                  404-712-2000    
Pharm Res On Call    404-283-0587
Prasad a.            404-742-4637    
Pharm Satellite      x52974 (3-11pm)
Monitor Rm           x8211           
Stroke Team          404-778-4700


ER  Portables        x4001           
    Reading Room     x4002           
    CT               x2649           

3rd Floor
    General          x4500
    CT               x7002
    CT Body Reading  x6283
    CT Neuro reading x7005
MRI Reading          x6767, x6768    
    Scheduling       x6760, x6763    

IR                   x7006
Nuclear              x4602           
US                   x4519 


STAT    x4810        ABG      x4556  
Chem    x4835        BldBnk   x4839
Heme    x4821        Micro    x4847  
Toxic   x4835        Urine    x4810


Respiratory (Vent)   404-743-3780    
Blood Bank           x4840
Trauma Team See schedule by trauma bay
     Dot night       404-280-7402    


Derm                 50113           
ENT                  50322    
Neuro                50294        
Neurosurg            50192
Night Float          50284
Optho                50314
OMFS                 50372
Ortho                17812
Rads (Senior Res)    50429
ER Chiefs            50387


<250 Morehouse       404-619-7204    
≥250 Emory          Call Operator
Night Flt 1900-0700  50284           
Grady IM Chiefs      x7030
Emory MICU           50545           
MH MICU              404-871-2165


<250 Morehouse       404-742-9372    
≥250 Emory          Call Operator
OB Triage Res.       x9560, x0619    
OB Triage            x8622

Surgery (General)

<250 Morehouse       404-742-2624    
≥250 Emory          Call Operator


<250 Morehouse       404-650-6732    
≥ Emory             Call Operator 

Face:    Rotates ENT, OMFS, Plastics 
         Call Operator or check      
         schedule in the trauma bay  
Hand:    Soft-tissue below elbow,
         bones distal to wrist.  Even
         day = Ortho, odd day = Plstcs. 
         Based on triage time;
         switches at 0700
Spine:   Even day = ortho,odd day = NS
         For o/p f/u even# = orth,   
         odd# = NS. Based on triage  
         time, switches at 0700      
DM Feet: <250 = MH Surg
         ≥250: Even # = Ortho
               Odd# = Surg
         No DP/PT pulses any # = Surg

Useful Numbers

Abuse (investig)     Refer social work
Atlanta Medical      404-265-400     
Beds, medicine       x4058           
Blood Bank           x4840, x4839    
Burn                 x3714           
Chaplain             x4270/ 4/703-1670
Central Supply       x3984, x3880    
Central Line Team    4-833-9391      
Computer Help        x1715           
Decedent Affairs     x4295           
DeKalb Medical       404-501-1000    
ENT Fast Track       404-278-7660    
Financial Counseling x6923 m-f 7-3:30
Gyn                  x4646           
Langline      1-800-874-9426(ID213230)

Library Grady        x3532           
Medicaid Enrollmt    Fulton 4/657-8000
                     Dekalb 4/370-5000
Medical Records      x4281,82,83     
Needlestick          5-STIX, x7849   
Nightfloat PIC       50284           
Northside Hosp       404-851-8000    
OB-ER                x4596            
NewOB                x4191           
Operator Grady       x4307 or '0'    
OR                   x4575           
Ortho Tech           404-746-7517    
Pharmacy, Outpt      x4117, x4116    
Parmacy, Inpt        x4118           
Piedmont Hosp        404-605-5000    
Poison Control       x9000            
Psych ER             x4762           
Radiology Reports    x4544 (#1, MR)  
Rape Crisis Cntr     x4861           
Risk Mgmt            x7747/ 4/415-6998
Sickle Cell          x3572, x4539    
Social Services      x5331           
St. Joes Hosp        404-851-7001    
Translation Svc      m-f 8a-5p x9626 
              other 4-871-1196 or 1657
Transport Van        x4147           
UCC                  x4150           
                     (attdg off x8656)
VA Hosp              4-321-6111      
Whirlpool            x4084           


Central Sched & Refs x7245          
Asthma               x7390           
Breast               x3494           
    (specify Surg, FNA, screening)   
Cardiac              x4422           
    Preapproval by Fellow Needed     
    M&F in am  W&R in pm             
Coumadin             x4428,x6677 (M-R)
CT sched outpt       x6760           
Derm                 x4239           
Diabetic  New Pts    x3720           
          Old Pts    x3730           
         Indicate how soon for new pts
Drug Dependence                      
          Heroine    x3970           
          All other  x4762           
  Fulton or Dekalb resident,         
  Outpt = walk in 0730-1830          
          with valid ID              
ENT (M/Th,F pm)      x8256,x4679     
GI (Need PCP approv) x4358,x4359     
GU                   x4465           
GYN    Continuity    x4242           
       WUCC          x8621           
HIV/IDP case mgmt    x2440           
  341 Ponce de Leon                  
  Pt may present consult sheet walk in
Medical Clinic       x4396           
  Pt to call, give consult sheet     
       Med Clinic I  x7612, x7610    
       Med Clinic II x7531, x7578    

Neurology            x4567           
OB new pt            x4121           
OB family planning   x3680       
Optho                x4671, x8288    
Optical Dispensary   x4674           
Oral-MaxilloFacial   x4469, x4470    
Ortho (call ortho)   x4473
Pain (by PCP only)   x5522           
PT (include Dx)      x4076
Sickle Cell          x3572           
  Urgent -> attn: Hattie Way         
Surgery              x4591, x4592    
  Spec. gen, vasc, plastic hand,     
  suture rem, trauma
Teen Celinic      HS x4390           
  Mon afternoon, guys and gals, walk 
  in no Parent neccess               
Infection Control    x3598
Security/Call rm key x4100           
Sharon's Office      x6673
Sharon's Fax         404-616-0191